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  • Clinical Supervision
  • Psychotherapy Supervision
  • Supervising Trainee and Practicing Psychotherapists

I have been supervising trainee and registered psychoanalytic psychotherapists for many years in private practice, on university trainings and in the NHS. I initially trained as a supervisor with the South East Psychotherapy Group.


An experience of clinical supervision is about balance. Balancing the developmental needs of the supervisee with the treatment needs of their patient.

The supervisory encounter is second only in importance to the clinical encounter with a patient itself. It is an opportunity to speak about professional work with patients and over time to benefit from experience and to develop one's own ways of working with patients. Supervisees are encouraged to explore their experience of their work with patients and reflect upon its impact on their supervisory encounter, in order to better understand and help their patients. A deepening supervisory process means the development of an ever-increasing ability in the supervisee to describe what s/he observes about his/her patient, him/herself and the supervisor that may shed light on the patient's conflicts and his/her responses to them.

In providing supervision, I hope to offer a space in which a process of learning together can take place - about the patient and about ourselves - leading to a helpful, healing and containing treatment experience for patients.