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Psychotherapy Groups

Support, psycho-educational and psychotherapy groups

I run three groups on weekly basis:

  • Group therapy for refugees
  • Awareness-raising for new parents
  • Men's support group

In order for a group to run, there should be at least 4 or 5 members initially. 

Awareness-raising for new parents

The group is for new parents who wish to learn more about what their newborn child needs emotionally in order for healthy psycho-biological development to take place. This has implications for the way parents behave and communicate with their child. Group exploration is stimulated by short relevant reading passages designed to provoke thought, develop, challenge and change parental behaviour to the benefit of the children in their care.

The group meets once a week during the daytime.

Men's support group

This group is for men who feel that they would like to discuss and share their problems/issues with other men in a confidential setting in order to be supported and understood and to feel less alone in their daily lives and living.

The group meets once week during the daytime.

Group therapy for refugees

This group will encourage the gaining of insight into why group members feel and behave in ways which cause them distress and lead to problems functioning. People will be encouraged to work through the insights gained, both within the group and in daily life outside the group. The group may also address the psychological impact of loss, acculturation, resettlement and racism in the UK host society. Some language-learning may be done in order to facilitate communication in English.