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Considering therapy?


If you have been referred or have referred yourself for psychotherapy treatment, or if you are thinking about therapy for yourself, there are a few things you should consider beforehand.


If you are considering psychotherapy, you probably want to deal with some issues that have a life-dominating quality about them. They have been going on a long time. You may not understand why you feel or behave in certain ways and this affects you and those around you negatively. need to prioritize your psychotherapy treatment. Think carefully about your budget and set aside enough money for fees. Private Psychotherapy is costly and you will have to prioritize it, otherwise what is the point? Either you are serious about change or not.

Emotional work

Psychotherapy is not advice. Neither is it a rescue service. It is often tough emotional work related to past developmental experience. Above all else psychotherapy is about taking your emotions very seriously indeed and working through them, not only understanding them. Exploring the the way your past impacts your present life is usually unavoidable. This takes time and trust. A trusting relationship with your therapist takes time to build. It needs to be a professional relationship built on rock, not on sand and be able to withstand the emotional storms that may come.

Not a chat

Psychotherapy talk is not a chat, not a normal conversation. It is treatment. It does not necessarily follow the normal rules of conversation e.g. you say something and I respond, then you talk and I respond etc. It takes a bit of getting used to and won't always feel comfortable, even though it also will. It has been compared to surgery in that words are actions that are like scalpels making an incision in the right place at the right time in order to heal the emotional problem.