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Teaching and Training

Psychotherapy Teaching and Training

I am an experienced and qualified lecturer, teacher and teacher-trainer, having worked in Higher and Further Education as well as in the private sector. I have worked in many parts of the world including Europe, the Middle East and Africa. I have an M.A. in English Language Teaching, a Diploma from The Royal Society of Arts and a Post Graduate Certificate in Higher Education.

I have been a lecturer in Psychotherapy and Clinical Director at University on MSc and Doctorate level programmes in psychotherapy studies (University of Kent, Canterbury). I am a member of the training committee of Nafsiyat Intercultural Therapy Centre, London. I am able to offer seminars and workshops in most aspects of psychoanalytic psychotherapy, from Psychoanalytic Theories, Developmental Perspectives, Object Relations, Attachment, Psychoanalytic Practice, Intercultural Therapy and Clinical Seminars. I also offer introductory talks and workshops for those wishing to know more about the psychoanalytic approach to psychotherapy. I am experienced in leading clinical seminars and workshops.

Other qualifications

I am also a qualified and professional English linguist and offer talks and workshops on aspects of psycho-therapeutic talk and interaction, particularly in relation to what the talk in psychotherapy interaction may mean to participants and how it may be understood as communication facilitating healing within the therapeutic encounter.

Organisations or individuals wishing to find out more about the teaching and training I offer, or wishing to arrange an engagement should email me in the first instance.