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Consultation for Psychotherapy

The purpose of the consultation is to  your see if psychoanalytic, psycho-dynamic, intercultural or EMDR psychotherapy can be of help to you.

Being referred

You can be referred for a confidential assessment consultation by your GP or other agency (e.g. Social Services, Mental Health Services, Psychiatrist, Counselling Service, Psychotherapist). You can also refer yourself to me by contacting me to arrange a consultation (see 'Contact' page).

What to expect

You may be anxious or bewildered or simply unfamiliar with the consultation process. You will most likely be trying to get an impression about whether this kind of psychotherapy will meet your needs and help deal with your problems.

I will need to get an idea of what you think has made you the person that you are. You will need to tell me about the specific issues that are distressing you and I will try to give you my professional views about this. We will think together about some of the issues that are suggested by the consultation process that takes place between us and what meanings this may have for you. The meeting is not a test or something you have to pass. It is about your care and the best way to help you.

I will tell you a little about the therapeutic approaches I offer and you will be able to ask me questions about this if you want to.

We will consider the practical implications of therapy for you: likely length of treatment, frequency of sessions, fees, couch versus the chair, holidays, confidentiality.

I will outline the professional boundaries around treatment: session times, my availability to you, cancellations, breaks, fee payment, roles and responsibilities. You can ask me to explain or clarify any of these issues further if you wish.

A consultation for psychotherapy lasts for 90 minutes.